Q: Why is Sunshine Sound needed?
A: Musicians are in an interesting era, where we can do for ourselves a lot of what record labels used to do (recording, promotion, funding), but many musicians still struggle to find the resources they need to share their music. We seek to bridge the gap, teaching musicians how to do a lot for themselves, maintain the rights to their own music, and reach a wider audience. We believe that musicians have a lot to give back to the community, both in the form of sharing their music, and teaching their skills, and we see a need to facilitate that effort.

Q: What are you looking for in an artist?
A: We are looking for songwriters and bands that are doing something different. As a nonprofit, we can focus more on creativity than record sales, so we are seeking out artists who might otherwise be looked over for not being “marketable.” We welcome musicians at any level in their career, whether you’ve never been to the studio before, or you’re on your third album.

Q: How are you different from record labels?
A: We are a nonprofit, meaning we value creativity, community involvement, and education above record sales. Artists will never be asked to sign exclusive contracts, and you keep all rights to your own music. We can help artists access an array of services, including audio engineering, marketing, and event promotion. We also host a variety of events to showcase our artists, and release digital compilations.

Q: Why do you only want to work with southern California songwriters and bands?
A: As an arts organization we want to promote community between songwriters and bands, and between songwriters/bands and local music listeners so we only want to work locally with artists in our state.

Q: What genre of music do you focus on?
A: We are focused on experimental music. This is intentionally vague and covers many broader genres of music. We are looking for music that is pushes boundaries creatively and is overlooked by for-profit labels.

Q: I’m a San Diego musician/band, how can we get involved?
A: We’d love to hear from you. Please get in contact with us, and let’s chat.