Sunshine Sound Podcast: Making Music in Southern California

Your host Christine Mathias interviews music makers, producers, organizers, and others involved in the scene in Southern California. Listen to some original local music and hear the stories from the people who create. What does the music scene look like today? Why do we do what we do? How does it all come together? Sit back and enjoy that sunshine sound. Listen below, or you can find us on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you Podcast.

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Audio engineering and theme music by Tommy Bobcat.

  • Sunshine Sound Podcast: #011 – Hexa

    In this episode, I interview Carrie and Acacia from Hexa, an experimental/dark electronic/pop act based in San Diego. Their music is gothic and ethereal, much like their aesthetic and music videos. We chat about stuff like the local music scene, connecting with other creative people, what it’s like to be in an all-female band, and making

  • Sunshine Sound Podcast: #010 – All Music!

    Every 10th episode is an All Music Podcast, hosted by the one and only Tommy Bobcat. Listen back to the artists from the first 9 episodes, with colorful commentary from Mr. Bobcat. Rotator – Orb of Light Moans – Body Type Beta Lion – Tonight at Whisperz Tommy Bobcat – Chloroform Tommy Bobcat – Bosintang Pony Death Ride – Your Cats

  • Sunshine Sound Podcast: #009 – MC Flow

    In this episode, I interview MC Flow, a San Diego musician known for her cannabis-infused raps like Pot in the Latkes and Welcome to the Dispensary. We chat about her newest EP, Her Highness, which was released on 4/20, shortly after the legalization of weed in California. We also talk about the cannabis industry generally, as

  • Sunshine Sound Podcast: #008 – Veronica May

    In this episode, I interview the talented Veronica May. She’s a local musician and mental health advocate, as well as an amazing songwriter and performer. We chat about the different facets of being a musician and creating a life around music, and the struggles we all seem to have with marketing. Veronica also discusses her experience

  • Sunshine Sound Podcast: #007 – Emma Byrd

    In this episode, I interview Emma Byrd, a music therapist based in San Diego. We talk all about music therapy – what it is, who can benefit from it, and how it’s done. We also talk about Rock n’ Roll Camp for Girls San Diego, what it means to empower women, finding your voice, and the

  • Sunshine Sound Podcast: #006 – Fistfights With Wolves

    In this episode, I interview Mat Rakers and Ryan Bradley of Fistfights With Wolves and the San Diego Music and Art Cooperative. Fistfights is an 8-piece progressive math rock band based here in San Diego, and their music is harmonically and rhythmically complex, weaving in elements of classical, folks, and rock music. We talk about the process of

  • Sunshine Sound Podcast: #005 – GrooveSquatch

    In this episode, I interview Ken Santillan, also known as GrooveSquatch, an (almost intimidatingly) talented keyboardist based in San Diego. We talk about his experience playing top 40 music for 20 years, the fun of drunken audiences, working as a musician in theater, the magic of Open Oscillator, and much more.

  • Sunshine Sound Podcast: #004 – Pony Death Ride

    In this episode, I interview Joe and Jaye MacAskill of Pony Death Ride, a half-Canadian musical comedy duo based in San Diego. We talk about their involvement in the burlesque scene, where inspiration comes from, why they have an entire album about cats, the role of comedy in music, their fantastic style, and of course their

  • Sunshine Sound Podcast: #003 – Tommy Bobcat

    In this episode, I interview Tommy Bobcat, local musician, sound engineer, and co-founder of Sunshine Sound Center. He plays guitar in Denim Robot, and also has his own experimental solo music, which we talk about. What is experimental music, anyway? How does being an audio engineer change the way you create music? Why do we

  • Sunshine Sound Podcast: #002 – RC Krueger & Moses Constable

    In the second episode of the Sunshine Sound Podcast, I interview RC Krueger and Moses Constable. RC is a filmmaker and founder of Villains Records, and Mo IS Moans, a recording collective project putting out danceable groovy synth and bass-heavy tracks. RC directed the Moans video, Body Type, which won Best Video at the Music Video Extravaganza.