Sunshine Sound Podcast: Making Music in Southern California

Your host Christine Mathias interviews music makers, producers, organizers, and others involved in the scene in Southern California. Listen to some original local music and hear the stories from the people who create. What does the music scene look like today? Why do we do what we do? How does it all come together? Sit back and enjoy that sunshine sound.

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  • Sunshine Sound Podcast: Episode 2 – RC Krueger & Moses Constable

    In the second episode of the Sunshine Sound Podcast, I interview RC Krueger and Moses Constable. RC is a filmmaker and founder of Villains Records, and Mo IS Moans, a recording collective project putting out danceable groovy synth and bass-heavy tracks. RC directed the Moans video, Body Type, which won Best Video at the Music Video Extravaganza.

  • Sunshine Sound Podcast: Episode 1 – Jeff Trageser

    In the first episode of the Sunshine Sound Podcast, I interview Jeff Trageser. Jeff is the co-founder, host, and sometimes performer at Open Oscillator, a bi-monthly open mic for electronic musicians. We talk about how that event came together, what exactly electronic musicians are doing (and why they don’t like being called a “DJ”), the